Pixiwoo course day 5 (sob) ~ Image heavy post


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So We had reached the last day of one of the most amazing weeks of my life (so far) they weren’t kidding when they called it “intense course” there is so much information to take on board, practice to do and things to think about when setting up your own makeup artist business, was pretty tired and emotional before I even started the day, but looking forward to packing in as much as I could into my last few hours with these awesome girls – not just Sam, Nic and Stacey but all my course mates!

Nic asked if there was anything else we would like to be shown and we all agreed on brows so Nic did a demo on each of us, doing only one brow so our partner had to match it up! Friday was kind of anything goes – practice what you felt needed practice on kinda day πŸ™‚








There were 10 of us all together but I didn’t get a photo of me and my lovely partner for the day, Paddi didn’t need anything doing to her brows but there’s a pic of her later on πŸ™‚ Continue reading


Pixiwoo Course part 4


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Sorry for the delay in getting this post written, but in the meantime I have been using what I learnt on the course to do two photo shoots and also do makeup for a speaker at an event called Who wants to be an Entrepreneur, at which I also did a pitch to 230 people of my business idea for Everyone needs a little Sparkle! More of that amazing week later though!

So … Day 4

I was already feeling a little gutted that this amazing week was coming to an end, I really didn’t want it to! Today was all about Period make up, from Victorian times through to today, Sam read to us from a book about each period, the styles of makeup and icons of that time, For Instance the 1920’s was the Era of the Flapper, Anti prohibition and the Icons of the Age were Mary Pickford, Theda Bard and Josephine Baker. The look was long, arched, extremely thin brows with super dark eyes and lips.

Nic was doing a demo on Stacey whilst Sam was reading to us, one side a modern twist on 1920’s the other side was Classic Hollywood glamour of the 1950’s Continue reading

Pixiwoo Course – Part 3


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Now we had got to day three of the course everybody was way more relaxed with each other, it was scary how fast the days were flying over, I guess it really is true the saying – time flies when you’re having fun, and we truly were! Another of Sam, Nic and Stacey’s friends -Amy came along to help out today as it was going to be way more intense, she is a MUA and trainee midwife!

Day three was “Drag day” now you may think why do they teach that?
But there are honestly good reasons – firstly it pushes you out of your comfort zone, brings out your creative side and teaches you skills that you may need if you go on to work at Fashion week or Strictly for example where things get a bit more flamboyant – for the average job – say Bridal or working on counter (hopefully) you’re not going to be blocking out eyebrows or doing a crazy contour!

So … Stacey was the model again and the first job was to get rid of the eyebrows by using prittstick to flatten them (yes really!) and covering them with a thick concealer, the brow can then be used as the new socket line with the new brow being drawn on much higher.

Then onto the crazy contour – it is way heavier than for anything else you might do, it’s not designed to be part of your every day make up – though personally I loved when it was blended in so much – finally cheek bones in my chubby face!!! image here’s Stacey prior to blending!

Next onto eyes, lips and cheeks – you can get really creative here – use wild colours, glitter on eyes, lips, pink eyebrows – anything you fancy and the bigger the eyelashes the better, you can even put lashes on the bottom, but be careful to use them the right way up!

Obviously if you are actually doing drag on a male it brings up different problems and skills needed to deal with their stubble, it’s probably best to ask them to exfoliate and shave shortly before you start their makeup.

Here Are Stacey, Hetal ( my model) and me with our drag makeup image image image image

Pixiwoo course, Part 2.



So Tuesday, the second day of the course and everyone was already much more at ease and not so awed by Sam and Nic, today was all about Bridal, Nic did the demo on Stacey and they all gave us lots of tips and tricks on how to avoid the pitfalls such as getting taken advantage of by unscrupulous brides, dealing with bridezillas, mothers of the bride, bridesmaids and generally making the bride feel her best on her big day! There were a few funny tales thrown in for good measure, I love these chicks sense of humour and their slight “evil streak”, because I have that too! ( THey are not nasty in any way but that’s the only way I can describe it!)

We learnt how to do a subtle contour and blend in so skin looked fresh and glowing and would look good in photographs – that was one of the main things to find out, what time of day and inside or outside photos – also style of photography as that might change the type of photo, for instance some foundations will cause flash back with flash photography.

They gave us a kit list of things that will be useful in our professional kit and also a sample contract to help when we come to make one with brides if that’s the line of work we wish to follow (most people will).

After the contouring image which was blended in with foundation (you could barely see it) we then moved onto eyes, the majority of brides will want either a neutral or purple palette, not much liner and maybe a few individual lashes which we were also shown how to apply. Lips mostly neutral or slight pinks, the main feature of bridal looks should be healthy glowing skin.

We then swapped partners from the previous day, I stayed where I was and my new partner Annie came to me, we selected our products – she said I could use what I liked but she had sensitive eyes so just be careful in that area and no false lashes. I was pleased with the finished effect and added Nars sheer glow, Tom Ford shade & illuminate and a beautiful Chanel highlighter to my lust have list!! Damn you Pixiwoo course, with all your lovely makeup to play with you may very well bankrupt me! Stacey also let me practice puting single lashes on her, which is surprisingly easier than you think, once you got your hand to stop shaking!





Annie as the beautiful bride πŸ™‚ image

All the lovely makeup! 😍😍😍

Pixiwoo course – part 1!


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As must be evident by this blog I’m a product and makeup addict, love playing with makeup, love putting it on myself and others, I can’t resist looking at and buying way too much makeup!

My friends would often ask me to do their makeup on nights out, and I was truly honoured when my non girly ( she has 3 brothers) sister-in-law to be asked me to do her makeup on her wedding day to my baby bro!

It felt wonderful to make someone look and feel beautiful on their special day and it was at that moment I decided that I wanted to do this as a secondary career to my pharmacy work, I have a passion for both, can use my brain, help people and use my creativity!

I started looking for a course and found that the absolute babes, that form Pixiwoo, ran a course, I’d learnt so much from them already by watching their YouTube and knew that was the course I wanted to do, once I set my mind to something then I usually accomplish it, I’m determined that way!

So I set to finding out more about the course, pestering Stacey who helps organise it and finally all the stars aligned – there was a cancellation on the November course, I had money in my savings to pay for it and there was no problem getting the time off work! It was meant to be!

I arranged to stay with one of the besties in Suffolk, travelled down on the Sunday evening and woke up bright and early on the Monday to travel to Norwich (truth be told I didn’t sleep much anyway through nerves / excitement!) the journey was uneventful and found the Pixiwoo studio easily enough, feeling a bit sick and shaky was glad to meet a lovely lady by the buzzer who turned out to be Faith, one of my fellow course attendees πŸ˜€ image

Met and said hello to the lovely Stacey, we felt we kinda knew each other from all the tweets and pestering of the poor woman I had done!

Walked into the room and there were Sam and Nic, its weird to see that they are actually ‘real’ and not inside your computer screen, they are however impossibly pretty and in the case of Sam very very tall as well!

Nic, Sam and Stacey introduced themselves and they were really lovely and I felt calmness returning, aside from the fact I knew I would have to introduce myself and I get ridiculously shy at doing that sort of thing, they are very funny and someone dropped the F bomb within 10 minutes so that kinda broke the ice πŸ‘πŸ˜

They went through a natural look, Stacey was the model and Nic did the demo, think they were easing us in gradually πŸ™‚
We split off into pairs and went to pick the products we wanted to use from the overwhelming array of products, was like a sweet shop for makeup lovers!

I did a natural look on Katja who was a dream to work on πŸ™‚image

image We then went for lunch and swapped in the afternoon, we finished early so Nic asked if we would like to add a red lip and gel liner to the look, Katja hates red lipstick, but agreed to having it on! image we cleaned our brushes and that was the end of our first awesome day!!!

Erratic blogging!

Sorry for my lack of posts of late, it’s not because of lack of things to write, it’s more due to lack of being organised, which as a Virgo you wouldn’t think would apply to me! Us Virgos do love a list and organisation, but can also be amongst the worst procrastinators – which I put down to the worrier /perfectionist nature – wanting things to be perfect often puts me off starting them!

I didn’t like the look of this blog so it was putting me off writing! I’ve changed the colours and header photo so now far happier with it, I have a list of blog posts I want to write and I am going to incorporate the blog into a webpage for my makeup work πŸ™‚

Makeup and skincare are my passion and will be getting a passion planner or printing the PDFS to help me incorporate my passion into my life as well as get on with my NVQ that I’m so behind with! They look amazing – will let you all know how they work out, but if you are having trouble getting organised they may well be worth you having a look at!

Heather xXx


Eyelash Lift – A Review


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So, unfortunately I am not one of the lucky ones where it comes to lashes, mine are of the short, stumpy, non curly variety, to the extent I was thinking of getting eyelash extensions done for my holiday in the full knowledge I might find them uncomfortable and the glue might melt in the heat! That was until I saw a post on facebook about eyelash lift – the before and afters were enough to convince me!

I contacted the lovely Terri from The Beauty Spot, Dorking and she told me basically what was involved – sounded painless enough and for the bargain price of Β£25 how could I resist?

The process takes about 40 minutes and involves putting a silicon guard over your lashes and pulling them through / styling them, the first solution is applied for 16 minutes and some cotton pads, clingfilm and a towel are placed over your eyes to keep the heat in and allow the solution to work better. The first solution is then removed and a second solution is applied for 9 minutes, again with the clingfilm and towel.

When the second solution has taken, it is removed and the final stage of a tint is put on for 13 minutes, when that’s done and rinsed off the silicon guards are carefully removed and eyes rinsed with water to make sure there’s no tint in them and your beautiful lifted lashes are revealed!

They look amazing and will lift further still over the next day, definitely recommended!image

Cleansing 101(ish)


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This is a kind of “How to” – Now… I’m not trying to teach my Grandmother to suck eggs here, just wishing beautiful skin upon you πŸ™‚

Cleansing is THE most important step, yet it’s one that is often missed or not done correctly, a swipe with a wipe is most definitely not adequate, micellar water is kind of effective at removing the surface dirt, but the stuff that’s in your pores is gonna stay there, and if you’re using any kind of foaming cleanser, I can promise you, you’re not doing yourself ANY favours!

A word about wipes – they are pretty bad, and in my humble opinion only to be used in situations where you can’t get to any water – the lotion contained in them contains both surfactants and alcohol – surfactants are detergent like chemicals that are obviously not rinsed off, so as well as not properly removing the dirt could well leave your skin dry, tight and irritated.

Now instead of this why not try out some beautiful oils, balms or creamy cleansers – oily skinned people, I know you will be throwing up your hands in horror here, but using oil on oily skin is possibly one of the best things you can do for it – oil breaks down oil and makeup, but without stripping, which if you use one of the foaming cleansers often designed for this skin type, is exactly what you’re doing, you strip the oil from your face, your face feels like OMG I’m dry, turns on the oil production and basically what you’ve got is a vicious circle starting! Not all oils are created equal, things with shea or cocoa butter can be a bit of a no no, but in general… oils are good!image

So, night-time … choose your oil, balm or cream cleanser, give it a good massage over your face including eye area if suitable (I usually can’t be bothered with separate eye makeup removers)and wash it off with a nice hand hot facecloth, buy yourself several cheap flannels so you have a fresh one to use every day, (because otherwise that’s a bit gross!) rinse your flannel and go in with a second lot of cleanser, this can be the same one or different, I like to start with an oil, such as Una Brennan’s superfacialist range or even good old sweet almond or olive oil ( it doesn’t need to be expensive) then the second cleanse with a balm or creamy cleanser ( will do product recommendations in a separate post) If you’ve just been sitting at home all day with no makeup or SPF on then one cleanse is sufficient, but two is not going to hurt you and if you see it as a bit of me time at the end of your day then it actually feels like a lovely ritual and you will soon see the benefits with a healthy glowing skin. To see why a double cleanse is important I direct you to the lovely skin care guru again – Caroline Hirons and also this article: as they have written it far more eloquently than I ever could!

Then in the morning I cleanse with either a lighter balm such as the Merumaya one or a clay cleanser – I use the Bravura London one which also contains salicylic acid, you might not bother with cleansing in the morning, but if you think about it then you’ve been sweating and getting oily all night so why wouldn’t you? Wash your faces people! You will find your makeup and any of those expensive creams you’ve bought will be much more effective – go on better, on CLEAN but not stripped skin!


Next Up – Cleanser recommendations

Waterproof eye make-up. Part 1


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imageSo it’s getting to that time of year when we don’t want our makeup sliding off our face and the answer to that seems to be waterproof make-up, I decided to test out how good some liners and mascaras really were!

Part 1 was on a recent trip to Thorpe park, with my two besties, who I forced to join in with the test! It was a very hot day so can say they are definitely sweat proof, plus we went on the tidal wave ride, where you get splashed in the face with with more than a face-full of water!

The liners we tested were:
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Eldorado
Bourjois contour clubbing in bleu nΓ©on
And Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Waterproof Eye Definer in Aqua sparkle.

The mascaras were:
Bourjois volume clubbing ultra black
Collection Does it all ultra black waterproof mascara
L’oreal Miss Manga mega volume waterproof.

I asked the girls to apply in the morning and give marks out of 10


Sarah had the Urban Decay pencil and the Bourjois clubbing mascara, She gave marks of 6/10 for the liner and 9/10 for the mascara. The liner was a gorgeous colour however after the tidal wave ride had all but disappeared, I have used the same liner in my waterline and it has stayed put all day, but on the lashline can become a bit smudgy. The mascara looked great before and after the splash in the face though, TBH this girl has lashes to die for, girl those lashes are Fierce!So might be abit of an unfair test! Seemed to be good lash separation and lift going on though πŸ™‚

Kerri had the Rimmel exaggerate liner and collection mascara, firstly my girl has the most Amazing blue eyes, girls if you want to show off those blue peepers a flash of aqua liner and WOW! The liner lasted well and only need a bit of a clean up and top up before we went out for our **”Dinner” πŸ˜‰ The mascara lasted quite well however needed many many coats to get any lift or definition of lashes. Kerri’s marks were 5/10 for mascara largely because it did stay on and 8//10 for the liner.
As for me I got the Bourjois liner and the Miss Manga mascara – the liner stayed on really well, just needed a bit of a tidy up and the mascara was ok but not my favourite – think it was the brush, I have stumpy dead straight lashes so need a really good mascara. Benefit they’re real needs to come in waterproof! my marks would be 9/10 for the liner and 6/10 for the
mascara under these conditions, however I have since tested the liner out with proper full on swim and things got more than a little smudgy, I’m not sure if it’s because I put sunscreen on first and the oils did a bit of dissolving work, will do further tests and get back to you on that one!

**We didn’t really go for dinner, we wanted Kerri to look a bit glammed up because we were keeping her busy at Thorpe Park, whilst Peter Andre’s 60 minute makeover was doing up her house, the test was a good excuse to do the filming we needed to do πŸ˜‰

The importance of cleansing


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Cleansing at times can seem like a chore, it needn’t be one, especially when you have beautiful products to use, but we all have those nights when we REALLY can’t be bothered. Whether it’s because you’ve been on a night out, come back a tad worse for wear and have a full face of make-up or got home from work exhausted and just want to collapse on the sofa, the kids have been driving you mad and you just don’t have the energy … I urge you, do this little ‘chore’ first, you will feel so much better and your skin will thank you! One of the most ageing things you can do to your skin, especially around the eyes is leave make-up on overnight – who wants to encourage eye wrinkles? Hell no!

Waking up with eye make-up smeared all over – not the most attractive either! smeary eyes

Don’t just take my word for it though…

In these situations I think a wipe or Micellar water is vaguely acceptable, although your skin won’t be properly clean, at least the surface grime is removed, though, to be honest, it really doesn’t take that much longer to quickly massage on some balm and wash off with a hot flannel. Cleanser is the most important beauty product you are ever going to own, there is no point in applying that expensive night cream onto skin that hasn’t been properly cleansed.

If you can, try and carve yourself out 5-10 minutes of “me time” and have a yourself a cleansing ritual each night, it doesn’t have to be right before bed, in fact the earlier you do it the better, have a proper cleanse, tone, and apply your serums and creams and they then have longer to do their work.

And as for the how to cleanse (properly) the wonderful Caroline Hirons (skincare guru) has written a cheat sheet, which can be found at: I highly recommend you have a read! I will write a post shortly on what I do and my favourite products but am trying to keep this one to a reasonable length!