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In a previous post – cleansing 101 I mentioned I would give product recommendations, my most favourite method is a balm cleanser, it feels like you’re giving your a face a little treat with all the lovely oils contained within, again oily skinned people don’t be scared of oils – they are your friend – more of which later 🙂

Top of my list for balm cleansers would be Emma Hardie,  I know it’s expensive and I know it has a lot of hype around it, but for me it’s one that is totally worth the hype, both for the effects on my skin and the beautiful smell, if you can afford it, go for this one. You can use to take off your makeup, including eye makeup – spend plenty of time massaging this into the skin , a proper mini spa experience every time you use it! They have even recently changed the packaging so my one bugbear is gone! emma-hardie-moringa-cleansing-balm-5

Number two on my list for similar reasons is the Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm, absolutely beautiful but unfortunately there is an oil in it that stings my eyes so I tend to either use only in the morning, or have to use separate eye makeup cleanser, which is a bit annoying, though am looking to try out the eye wash which may solve this problem?!


My 3rd favourite is the Body shop Camomile cleansing butter, this is a lovely product, good for sensitive skin, including the eye area. Also suitable for the budget conscious, coming in at around £10 – smells gorgeous (not like the cat pee like smell of camomile tea, I promise!) the only thing that lets it down for me is the packaging!img_9380

Fourth on the list for me is Clinique take the day off balm – it’s unscented and uncoloured, so unlikely to irritate even the most sensitive skins, it does look a bit like lard and it’s not one I’d describe as a spa experience, but it may be the one for you if your skin is acting up. It does a really thorough job of makeup removal, I just like like my nice smelling oils!


Fifth and final is another budget friendly option, the Merumaya melting cleansing balm – perfectly adequate, nice smell, I personally just didn’t feel it was effective as the others at cleansing, skin did feel nice afterwards but still had some eye liner coming off the next morning.


Let me know if there are another balm cleansers which you have enjoyed and I should put on my list to try?! I will be purchasing the Oskia renaissance cleansing gel to see if it lives up to the hype, but I suppose it doesn’t really fall into the balm category!

Hope this is helpful – next up – creamy cleansers

Heather xoxo