So today on Facebook I have come across a post that made me a little bit cross! It was from a bride that had found a makeup artist whose work she loved, but she found the price a little excessive – to be fair it really was at the upper end of the market, however it was an amazing artist at the top of her game who clearly is getting clients at those prices.

Lots of the comments shocked me – oh I’m only paying £25/£30 for mine on the day, I can’t believe you are getting the sort of service you should get and deserve as a bride, at those prices.  I don’t even know how those “artists” are covering  their costs or paying themselves a wage, even with pro discounts.

Do they have training, high quality kits, public liability insurance, more (continuous professional development) training, travel to and from the venue, plus taking into account all the time and effort that is put into communicating with bride and making sure she is 100% happy?!img_1015

 It is a LUXURY service to make sure you look your best on one of the best days of your life, and hopefully the only time doing this, if you are spending thousands on the dress and the photos, the venue, the cake then I think a couple of hundred on the makeup is not too much. Most makeup artists will do packages which can work out cheaper if you have large party. 

I spend a LOT of time and care on my brides, as I know any good make up artist would – from the initial consultation, through to the trial which can take from 2-4 hours, making sure that the perfect look is created for that bride, emailing back and forth, phonecalls and on the day itself I don’t rush off, until they are in the car or ready to walk up the aisle, often helping with dressing and finishing touches etc

I do honestly believe that you get what you pay for in this situation, and do think that possibly someone charging £30 is not really the quality artist you want for your wedding!