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So your Wedding is approaching, how are you going to look your best and SPARKLE on your big day?
6 Months Before
Drink Up
Drinking water  really is the key to clear skin, but now’s the time to really follow through. To ensure your skin is glowing and your eyes sparkle on your big day, try to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Even if you’re only a couple of weeks out you will be surprised what a big difference it makes, it is a good habit to get into anyway, it aids weight loss, gives more energy and will plump out all those fine lines.
Overhaul your skin care regime
If you’re not happy with how your skin looks currently then it is worth getting some advice from a beautician or makeup artist on how you can shake up your routine – Caroline Hirons blog is always my go to read to help out in this area as well. Think about having facials once a month leading up to the wedding as well if you can afford to do so.
Getting the skin on your body in shape
All eyes will be on you for the big day, so ensuring all skin on display is silky smooth is essential. Buy a gentle body scrub and exfoliate from top-to-toe twice a week. My Personal favourite is Soap And Glory Flake Away (smells lush too) After your shower or bath, be meticulous about slathering body moisturiser all over – it may add extra minutes to your morning/ bed routine, but it’ll be worth it in the long run!

Find a Make-up Artist 

It’s not essential that you hire a make-up artist but it is  pretty important factor unless you are excellent at doing your own and know what will work well in person and on camera ( these photos will last a lifetime) A lot of  brides find that their nerves take over and not having to do your makeup is one less thing to worry about.  Take time to research a make-up artist who you feel will meet your expectations. Talk to friends who have married recently as personal recommendations are best or search the internet’s bridal directories to find local make-up artists. Besides that if there is one day you should be the pampered princess shouldnt that be your wedding day?

3 Months Before
Get organised
Now would be a good time to think about booking in for your beauty treatments prior to the wedding. Nobody wants to be caught out with no appointments available for manicures etc. To ensure you get your preferred time and day, book your treatments for the week of your wedding now. If you’ve been having regular facials for the last 6 or 3 months then you shouldn’t get a break out, but if you are just going to have the one facial before the wedding then book it for 8-10 days before.

2 Months Before 

Makeup Trial
I suggest to brides that we have their trial 6-8 weeks before the wedding date, we will spend time designing the perfect look for them. It is a good idea to go along with a pale coloured top and any accessories you will be wearing, also bring pictures of makeup looks you like.
Self Tan Test
If you are planning to have a spray tan for your wedding then it is good to have a trial to see if you like how the colour comes out, that there are no streaks etc. If you are happy book the appointment for your tan for 2 days before the wedding.