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So … I’d had my confidence knocked down a lot by the first photoshoot,although I did learn valuble lessons from it, but then I went to the wanna be an entrepreneur event, and my confidence was back up, actually at an all time high! So when i left Southend I texted my friend Amelia if her place was on my way back and did she fancy making me  a cuppa, just so happened we got chatting and she mentioned her friend Rosie, who is a model was looking for a makeup artist that Sunday, was I free and up for it?  IF I hadn’t proved to myself that I could do anything I put my mind to – after standing up and pitching to 230 people, then may well have been tempted to say no, but as it was I left there raring to go!

I’d already learnt a huge lesson from the first photoshoot and had a chat with Rosie the night before to find out what the brief was and the look she wanted to go for, exchanged a few pics with her to make sure I was thinking along the right lines and head off to the shoot with a clear idea of the look we wanted to accomplish. Preparation is key!

The second lesson was speak to your model beforehand, especially when it is a collab, now if you get a model with attitude on a paid job you will just have to deal with it, however you can be firm, polite and professional with them, but on a gig where you’re all meant to be working together and essentially for free (trade for photos) then getting on together is so important in my opinion!

Got all prepared and dropped into M.A.C in Bluewater to get a darker lip colour for our poison ivy shoot and managed to eventually find the photographer’s house – my satnav was broken and google maps were not playing nice!

It was altogether easier putting makeup on someone whom you have the full attention of, plus Rosie and David the photographer (www.mmmfire.com) made the whole thing so much fun! I stayed for the whole shoot which was great! Managed to get a few Behind the scenes shots even and just had a really enjoyable afternoon with the end result of some great pics for my portfolio!!


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Looking forward to doing more creative shoots with Rosie, I’m sure we will come up with some madcap ideas! Another great boost to my confidence, am so ready to get out there and do some makeup for paying clients now!