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So you’ve done your practice and training, your kit is ready to go and you’re ready to get out there as a makeup artist, there is this overwhelming feeling of where do I go next? You could just advertise in local papers or via cards / word of mouth, but in this digital age businesses need to have a web presence and for that you need images.

Word of mouth is excellent as well of course, but where do people go to see images of work you have done – unless you are prepared to go to every person to show them your physical portfolio then you need to have the images somewhere online as well.

How to get images? These need to be high quality and not taken on your phone, for example. You could take photos yourself if you have a decent camera, but better yet is to try and organise some test shoots- where the photographer, model and yourself give time and skills for free, and you all get photos out of it at the end.

I joined model mayhem but found that it was a bit hit and miss, I had three photoshoots arranged with two different people – all of them were cancelled, unless they can give you specifics of date, time, location then avoid as it is probably not going to happen.

So after these disappointments had largely given up on model mayhem but went to view it still on occasion, I happened to come across an ad that said they needed MUA for the next day, I decided to go for it, which was possibly a mistake as I didn’t know details of shoot, the look they wanted to go for etc. I messaged the photographers and was on the train at 8.15 the next morning heading to battersea, unfortunately got to Redhill and the train stopped there – major delays on all trains – so arrived stressed and late, but the photographers were lovely and set me at ease straight away.

We had a small discussion of the look they wanted which was natural but a bit darker, so started off doing that – my next problem was the model was constantly looking down at her phone – not the easiest to do makeup on someone when you can’t really access their face! Being new to it wasn’t really sure if that was the done thing or if I should tell her to just put the phone down please so I could do my job, after all the model has worked as a model before – spoke to Stacey @ PixiwooHQ about it afterwards and she said be firm but polite, you are there to make them look awesome and you can’t do that around a phone! – Told you – learning curve 😉 They next thing was that the model didn’t like the makeup – she is used to glamour makeup and wanted it way darker with lashings of dark liner and mascara, I managed to keep my cool but really did not like the finished effect – the photographers were awesome though and got some great images. Anna

The tips I would take away from this are 1. Communicate – find out EXACTLY what is expected and make a plan how to accomplish it so that everyone is happy, this is a collaboration. 2.You are there to do a job, have confidence and speak out if if something not right.

More on photoshoots in next post, thanks for reading!

Heather xoxox 💞