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It’s exciting and bewildering and overwhelming choosing products for your kit, it’s not a cheap business and if you order 10 of the same foundation in different colours and find you hate it then that’s an expensive mistake to make!

Read and research everything, go test out your choices if possible but do choose carefully – I made a list and asked lots of questions to the lovely make up artists on ‘In My Kit’ on Facebook – truly a great group for those learning and as we should always be learning that’s everyone 😉 and also to my ‘mentors’ Sam (Pixiwoo) Nic (nixiepixi) and Stacey (pixiwooHQ) on Twitter – I’m sure I felt like a bit of a pest to them but I wanted to get the right (for me) kit!

After a lot of research and debate I decided to go for the face atelier foundations – they have a good range of colours plus colour adjusters, are silicon based so it’s like a base and primer in one and can be full coverage if applied directly with a brush, or sheered out if put with fingers into the face then blended in with a brush or sponge.


For eyeshadow I bought a fair few of the make up forever artist range (20 in total) but would like to get some more, and the MUA favourite – MAC – I need some more neutrals – as much as I love the colour payoff of the Urban Decay naked basics palette they have too much drop down to use on clients.

For Blushes I ordered a load of the Daniel Sandler watercolour samples which will do for now and some of the pinks in the MUFE can be used as blush.

Lipsticks I have a mixture of Revlon, Bourjois, soap and glory and MAC – want to collect more MAC ones, depot and back to MAC them 🙂 IMG_2841

For skin care I have Bioderma, embroylisse some Burt’s Bees lip balms some serozinc and Liz Earle Toner.

Mascaras I have a mixture of high street brands, that’s one thing you can definitely save on as they are mostly sold for the brush and obviously you will be using disposables – no brainer really! So I got a brown a black and a waterproof.

I have hygiene items such as alcohol spray and brush cleaner, hand sanitiser, baby wipes ( not for use on the face) cotton wool and tissues, get through hundreds of tissues! Plus disposable mascara wands, cotton buds and lipgloss wands and the all important mints – no-one want coffee breath from someone doing their makeup!