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So … I’d done the course, got the certificate, made some awesome and supportive makeup artist friends – where did I go from here? Well the answer was no-where fast as it was now the 1st week of December, which as I’m sure you can imagine, in pharmacy life is pretty hectic – prime season for dishing out antibiotics as well as the ‘Christmas Rush’ starting as soon as the GP surgery print on the back order by …
That and Christmas preparations meant that I really didn’t have time to think about setting up my makeup artist business too much, though I did start doing some research into what I would want / need in my kit, on the course we were given a kit list but also had an overwhelming amount of makeup to play with at the studios




For personal use I loved the Nars sheer glow, absolutely gorgeous, but it’s not really so practical for a kit as is in glass bottles and you have to buy the pump seperately which cost an extra £3 per bottle ( crazy – we NEED a pump Mr Nars!)

So I set about research, research, researching – I did consider MAC face and body as it has a wide range of colours and you can get smaller plastic bottles but I found it a little hard to work with, quite runny unless you do the massage technique – you can have it sheer or build-able to a more full coverage but on a shoot you might not have time to let it dry in and apply a second coat.

I Joined an awesome group on Facebook called “in my kit” run by a talented artist -Kevin James Bennett and asked many questions there – which bag, which foundation etc etc and eventually came to the conclusion that for me a Zuca pro was the best option – bags which fit into a bigger bag on wheels essentially and as for foundation face atelier pro – which Sam confirmed for me on Twitter was a good choice, it’s full coverage but can be sheered out by application technique, nice light little bottles and colour adjusters too- swatches of the colours I got:



I decided on Glamcor lights as they are so portable and pack up so small – expensive but worth it! Above is a picture of my full kit packed up in the Zuca with Glamcor on top.

The other thing (other than makeup items obviously) you might want to consider getting is a portable folding high chair for your client / model to save you constantly bending and getting a bad back 🙂

There’s obviously a lot more to tell you about setting up as a makeup artist, but I will split it over a few posts and maybe intersperse it with product reviews – let me know in the comments of there’s anything in particular you’d like to know?

Thanks for reading 🙂 Heather xx ❤️