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Sorry for the delay in getting this post written, but in the meantime I have been using what I learnt on the course to do two photo shoots and also do makeup for a speaker at an event called Who wants to be an Entrepreneur, at which I also did a pitch to 230 people of my business idea for Everyone needs a little Sparkle! More of that amazing week later though!

So … Day 4

I was already feeling a little gutted that this amazing week was coming to an end, I really didn’t want it to! Today was all about Period make up, from Victorian times through to today, Sam read to us from a book about each period, the styles of makeup and icons of that time, For Instance the 1920’s was the Era of the Flapper, Anti prohibition and the Icons of the Age were Mary Pickford, Theda Bard and Josephine Baker. The look was long, arched, extremely thin brows with super dark eyes and lips.

Nic was doing a demo on Stacey whilst Sam was reading to us, one side a modern twist on 1920’s the other side was Classic Hollywood glamour of the 1950’s


Stacey with the double-sided look!

We then had a chance to look at all the wonderful books they have at the Studio, it was like heaven to me – what could be better? I’m a total book-worm and Beauty addict as you know, so combining the 2 is just amazing! several titles have been added to my amazon wish list ans shall be appearing on the shelves of my office / creative space soon!

I chose to recreate a late 50’s early 60’s look on my partner Victoria, picking Audrey Hepburn as the inspiration! image This was the image I used and this was the finished result on Victoria



Victoria then did a 60’s look on me, which I loved 🙂 there is rarely something new in makeup, just variations on a theme, 60’s is definitely a wearable look in 2015 and one I will be bringing out to play again!

If anyone wants me to go through the full period makeups with icons and looks from 1920s to 2000 and beyond then let me know in comments ❤ Heather