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Now we had got to day three of the course everybody was way more relaxed with each other, it was scary how fast the days were flying over, I guess it really is true the saying – time flies when you’re having fun, and we truly were! Another of Sam, Nic and Stacey’s friends -Amy came along to help out today as it was going to be way more intense, she is a MUA and trainee midwife!

Day three was “Drag day” now you may think why do they teach that?
But there are honestly good reasons – firstly it pushes you out of your comfort zone, brings out your creative side and teaches you skills that you may need if you go on to work at Fashion week or Strictly for example where things get a bit more flamboyant – for the average job – say Bridal or working on counter (hopefully) you’re not going to be blocking out eyebrows or doing a crazy contour!

So … Stacey was the model again and the first job was to get rid of the eyebrows by using prittstick to flatten them (yes really!) and covering them with a thick concealer, the brow can then be used as the new socket line with the new brow being drawn on much higher.

Then onto the crazy contour – it is way heavier than for anything else you might do, it’s not designed to be part of your every day make up – though personally I loved when it was blended in so much – finally cheek bones in my chubby face!!! image here’s Stacey prior to blending!

Next onto eyes, lips and cheeks – you can get really creative here – use wild colours, glitter on eyes, lips, pink eyebrows – anything you fancy and the bigger the eyelashes the better, you can even put lashes on the bottom, but be careful to use them the right way up!

Obviously if you are actually doing drag on a male it brings up different problems and skills needed to deal with their stubble, it’s probably best to ask them to exfoliate and shave shortly before you start their makeup.

Here Are Stacey, Hetal ( my model) and me with our drag makeup image image image image