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As must be evident by this blog I’m a product and makeup addict, love playing with makeup, love putting it on myself and others, I can’t resist looking at and buying way too much makeup!

My friends would often ask me to do their makeup on nights out, and I was truly honoured when my non girly ( she has 3 brothers) sister-in-law to be asked me to do her makeup on her wedding day to my baby bro!

It felt wonderful to make someone look and feel beautiful on their special day and it was at that moment I decided that I wanted to do this as a secondary career to my pharmacy work, I have a passion for both, can use my brain, help people and use my creativity!

I started looking for a course and found that the absolute babes, that form Pixiwoo, ran a course, I’d learnt so much from them already by watching their YouTube and knew that was the course I wanted to do, once I set my mind to something then I usually accomplish it, I’m determined that way!

So I set to finding out more about the course, pestering Stacey who helps organise it and finally all the stars aligned – there was a cancellation on the November course, I had money in my savings to pay for it and there was no problem getting the time off work! It was meant to be!

I arranged to stay with one of the besties in Suffolk, travelled down on the Sunday evening and woke up bright and early on the Monday to travel to Norwich (truth be told I didn’t sleep much anyway through nerves / excitement!) the journey was uneventful and found the Pixiwoo studio easily enough, feeling a bit sick and shaky was glad to meet a lovely lady by the buzzer who turned out to be Faith, one of my fellow course attendees 😀 image

Met and said hello to the lovely Stacey, we felt we kinda knew each other from all the tweets and pestering of the poor woman I had done!

Walked into the room and there were Sam and Nic, its weird to see that they are actually ‘real’ and not inside your computer screen, they are however impossibly pretty and in the case of Sam very very tall as well!

Nic, Sam and Stacey introduced themselves and they were really lovely and I felt calmness returning, aside from the fact I knew I would have to introduce myself and I get ridiculously shy at doing that sort of thing, they are very funny and someone dropped the F bomb within 10 minutes so that kinda broke the ice 👍😝

They went through a natural look, Stacey was the model and Nic did the demo, think they were easing us in gradually 🙂
We split off into pairs and went to pick the products we wanted to use from the overwhelming array of products, was like a sweet shop for makeup lovers!

I did a natural look on Katja who was a dream to work on 🙂image

image We then went for lunch and swapped in the afternoon, we finished early so Nic asked if we would like to add a red lip and gel liner to the look, Katja hates red lipstick, but agreed to having it on! image we cleaned our brushes and that was the end of our first awesome day!!!