Sorry for my lack of posts of late, it’s not because of lack of things to write, it’s more due to lack of being organised, which as a Virgo you wouldn’t think would apply to me! Us Virgos do love a list and organisation, but can also be amongst the worst procrastinators – which I put down to the worrier /perfectionist nature – wanting things to be perfect often puts me off starting them!

I didn’t like the look of this blog so it was putting me off writing! I’ve changed the colours and header photo so now far happier with it, I have a list of blog posts I want to write and I am going to incorporate the blog into a webpage for my makeup work šŸ™‚

Makeup and skincare are my passion and will be getting a passion planner or printing the PDFS to help me incorporate my passion into my life as well as get on with my NVQ that I’m so behind with! They look amazing – will let you all know how they work out, but if you are having trouble getting organised they may well be worth you having a look at!

Heather xXx