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So, unfortunately I am not one of the lucky ones where it comes to lashes, mine are of the short, stumpy, non curly variety, to the extent I was thinking of getting eyelash extensions done for my holiday in the full knowledge I might find them uncomfortable and the glue might melt in the heat! That was until I saw a post on facebook about eyelash lift – the before and afters were enough to convince me!

I contacted the lovely Terri from The Beauty Spot, Dorking and she told me basically what was involved – sounded painless enough and for the bargain price of £25 how could I resist?

The process takes about 40 minutes and involves putting a silicon guard over your lashes and pulling them through / styling them, the first solution is applied for 16 minutes and some cotton pads, clingfilm and a towel are placed over your eyes to keep the heat in and allow the solution to work better. The first solution is then removed and a second solution is applied for 9 minutes, again with the clingfilm and towel.

When the second solution has taken, it is removed and the final stage of a tint is put on for 13 minutes, when that’s done and rinsed off the silicon guards are carefully removed and eyes rinsed with water to make sure there’s no tint in them and your beautiful lifted lashes are revealed!

They look amazing and will lift further still over the next day, definitely recommended!image