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This is a kind of “How to” – Now… I’m not trying to teach my Grandmother to suck eggs here, just wishing beautiful skin upon you 🙂

Cleansing is THE most important step, yet it’s one that is often missed or not done correctly, a swipe with a wipe is most definitely not adequate, micellar water is kind of effective at removing the surface dirt, but the stuff that’s in your pores is gonna stay there, and if you’re using any kind of foaming cleanser, I can promise you, you’re not doing yourself ANY favours!

A word about wipes – they are pretty bad, and in my humble opinion only to be used in situations where you can’t get to any water – the lotion contained in them contains both surfactants and alcohol – surfactants are detergent like chemicals that are obviously not rinsed off, so as well as not properly removing the dirt could well leave your skin dry, tight and irritated.

Now instead of this why not try out some beautiful oils, balms or creamy cleansers – oily skinned people, I know you will be throwing up your hands in horror here, but using oil on oily skin is possibly one of the best things you can do for it – oil breaks down oil and makeup, but without stripping, which if you use one of the foaming cleansers often designed for this skin type, is exactly what you’re doing, you strip the oil from your face, your face feels like OMG I’m dry, turns on the oil production and basically what you’ve got is a vicious circle starting! Not all oils are created equal, things with shea or cocoa butter can be a bit of a no no, but in general… oils are good!image

So, night-time … choose your oil, balm or cream cleanser, give it a good massage over your face including eye area if suitable (I usually can’t be bothered with separate eye makeup removers)and wash it off with a nice hand hot facecloth, buy yourself several cheap flannels so you have a fresh one to use every day, (because otherwise that’s a bit gross!) rinse your flannel and go in with a second lot of cleanser, this can be the same one or different, I like to start with an oil, such as Una Brennan’s superfacialist range or even good old sweet almond or olive oil ( it doesn’t need to be expensive) then the second cleanse with a balm or creamy cleanser ( will do product recommendations in a separate post) If you’ve just been sitting at home all day with no makeup or SPF on then one cleanse is sufficient, but two is not going to hurt you and if you see it as a bit of me time at the end of your day then it actually feels like a lovely ritual and you will soon see the benefits with a healthy glowing skin. To see why a double cleanse is important I direct you to the lovely skin care guru again – Caroline Hirons and also this article:
http://www.liberty.co.uk/blog/18638/beauty-resolutions-double-cleanse/ as they have written it far more eloquently than I ever could!

Then in the morning I cleanse with either a lighter balm such as the Merumaya one or a clay cleanser – I use the Bravura London one which also contains salicylic acid, you might not bother with cleansing in the morning, but if you think about it then you’ve been sweating and getting oily all night so why wouldn’t you? Wash your faces people! You will find your makeup and any of those expensive creams you’ve bought will be much more effective – go on better, on CLEAN but not stripped skin!


Next Up – Cleanser recommendations