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imageSo it’s getting to that time of year when we don’t want our makeup sliding off our face and the answer to that seems to be waterproof make-up, I decided to test out how good some liners and mascaras really were!

Part 1 was on a recent trip to Thorpe park, with my two besties, who I forced to join in with the test! It was a very hot day so can say they are definitely sweat proof, plus we went on the tidal wave ride, where you get splashed in the face with with more than a face-full of water!

The liners we tested were:
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Eldorado
Bourjois contour clubbing in bleu néon
And Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Waterproof Eye Definer in Aqua sparkle.

The mascaras were:
Bourjois volume clubbing ultra black
Collection Does it all ultra black waterproof mascara
L’oreal Miss Manga mega volume waterproof.

I asked the girls to apply in the morning and give marks out of 10


Sarah had the Urban Decay pencil and the Bourjois clubbing mascara, She gave marks of 6/10 for the liner and 9/10 for the mascara. The liner was a gorgeous colour however after the tidal wave ride had all but disappeared, I have used the same liner in my waterline and it has stayed put all day, but on the lashline can become a bit smudgy. The mascara looked great before and after the splash in the face though, TBH this girl has lashes to die for, girl those lashes are Fierce!So might be abit of an unfair test! Seemed to be good lash separation and lift going on though 🙂

Kerri had the Rimmel exaggerate liner and collection mascara, firstly my girl has the most Amazing blue eyes, girls if you want to show off those blue peepers a flash of aqua liner and WOW! The liner lasted well and only need a bit of a clean up and top up before we went out for our **”Dinner” 😉 The mascara lasted quite well however needed many many coats to get any lift or definition of lashes. Kerri’s marks were 5/10 for mascara largely because it did stay on and 8//10 for the liner.
As for me I got the Bourjois liner and the Miss Manga mascara – the liner stayed on really well, just needed a bit of a tidy up and the mascara was ok but not my favourite – think it was the brush, I have stumpy dead straight lashes so need a really good mascara. Benefit they’re real needs to come in waterproof! my marks would be 9/10 for the liner and 6/10 for the
mascara under these conditions, however I have since tested the liner out with proper full on swim and things got more than a little smudgy, I’m not sure if it’s because I put sunscreen on first and the oils did a bit of dissolving work, will do further tests and get back to you on that one!

**We didn’t really go for dinner, we wanted Kerri to look a bit glammed up because we were keeping her busy at Thorpe Park, whilst Peter Andre’s 60 minute makeover was doing up her house, the test was a good excuse to do the filming we needed to do 😉