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I’m about half way through my little bottle of bioderma, I bought it for two reasons – 1. to see if it was really “all that” after having been majorly hyped up by many beauty bloggers and 2. To take my makeup off on a flight. I like to look nice whilst mooching around the airport (who knows, if you look decent you might get upgraded?!) but whilst on the flight like to be barefaced and pile the moisture on in the hope of arriving looking less haggard!


I have used this now several times to remove a full face of makeup, including that flight- ignored the strange looks! It is quite effective at getting makeup off, foundation and mascara certainly but found it didn’t break down my beloved waterproof eyeliner that well. I didn’t feel that my skin was ‘clean’ after using it so therefore would only use as a pre cleanse , for taking make up off before the gym or on occasions where a flannel and hot water wasn’t available. Good for lazy / drunken nights as well as I’m pretty sure this is more effective than wipes and certainly better than falling into bed with your makeup still on 🙂